Question: Réfractomètre

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Question: Réfractomètre


Messagepar Bob1 » jeudi 08 septembre 2016 à 10:29

Dear ALL

I have just purchased a DD refractometer as I was having a lot of issues with my RS refractometer.
The DD refractometer is as stable as most forums said so I am certainly pleased with my purchase.

However I would prefer to calibrate it with calibration fluid (35 ppt, refractive index 1.3394 @ 25 degC) the product is : ... fluid.html

To what value should I calibrate the refractometer as the réfractomètre is at 20 degC but the fluid is at guaranteed at 25degC?

For info when I calibrated the refractometer using the fluid , the RO water sample supplied with the unit then gives a slightly above zero reading (reading ≈ 0.002)

Therefore I would truly appreciate some insight on this.

thanks in advance.

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